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Sory for the unupdates byut I was havin a HAPPY HOLLADAYS with fun but Im back wit the (maybe penilitament) chapter of



                Several days had pass sins the Hunger Games beganed, an most of the tribots were dead an killed. The Scot has sakrifased himself to take out Fresh an Rign Mater as a revenge for Pyros. The Games pawsed for a week so we cold home to celebrate Chrismas wif are familys espect for the dead tributs whoos famlys just cried an got the tree an presents all soggy so there other kids cried even more. I was happy to visite Wheatly an Chell Junor an Prim found out that Katniss was kidnaped by Vass from Far Cry 3 an sold as a sexin slave in Asian. BVack in the games I was still in the forst playin things cool an on the down lo. But today wood be diffrant becos someone was spyin on me.

                A russell came form the bushes so I spinned round like a valet dancer an shot litening shoots at the bush an a girl jumped out frog or kangaroo it was…. ROO!!!!11 “Marrissa stop tryin to kill me Im on yur side!” I stoped an used my detecitve power to see if she was tellin the truth she was. “Oh so u want to be an alliance like the tributts?” Roo nodded with hed so we did it.

                The nite came real quick so I Roo made a bed of leafs an ROOts (lol) an dirt an we sleeped but IT WASANT LICK THAT OKAY IT WOOD BE GROSS SINS SHE IS A LITTEL GIRL AN IM MARRIED AN FATHFULL TO WHEATS!!!@ But at the asleep I had a dream:

                I was in a blak plase with black an no lites an the flamerds were lolling at me an I saw Skep haded Wheatlay an Chell Junor an she was drubbing nifes into Wheatly an than braked Chell Junor dead. “NO U B********!!12” Then pRESIDENT snow lolled into the room but sownded diffrant an had glowy eyes an blood sprayed all out of his an I got cuppered in it an the blood was tosik like asid or sumthin an I bruned up an died

                “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!_)(!!!” I screemed to loud an waked Roo up so I bushed an said “Sorry go back sleep.” So she did but I got up I neeted to cleer my mind. Wile walkin I saw Fauxfase runnin to a thing so I flowed it an saw all the hatas (thats flammer trolls AN tributes so you no its bad) hangin out at the cornicop stoakpiled with food an weapns they wood be undefeetable with all those. Fuxfece climed over sleepin Cato to take sum foods but Sweary Guy hoo was in a tree saw an fired his bazooker blowin up her. The boom wood kill all the food an flamerz I thot but it wasant enuff. I wood have to do myself.

                My plan was to make a exploshun with my powers to blow up all those but then I saw sumthin better. A peece of Fokfase had gotted shot up in the are an landed on a bumpy bump that boomed up it was a mine!!! I just netted to triger one but how. Then I thot bout a funny way so I got up tall an yelled “HEY U DUM TROLLS CUM AN FLAME ME!!@!” They all got up leaded by Skep hoo louded “KILL HER ONSE AN FOR ALL!!#!#1” But they ranned right inot the mines an they all blamed to explosion an turned to burned skeltons but the skeltons keept runnin to me but then fell over becuse the were skeltons and died. But sumone I spected wasant there… Peeta Peeta Sandwich Eata.

                “Surise!” Sumthin yelled an put his hand round my moth so I cudant screem. "OMG!" I said pullin the hand way “Peeta Peeta Sandwich Eata u scarred me!” Peeta Peeta Sandiwch Eata was only pretenin to trator with them, it was are plan all a long that we planned befour the games to distract the tributts. “Thatll teach em but the way we need to go back to Roo befour she thinks I abondend her.” Me an Peeta Peeta Sandwich Eata walked with speed back to my campsite it was mornin now with an the sun was gettin hi. A nose louded from the campsite soundin like a fite was goin down so I ran faster an Peeta Peeta Sandwich Eata was ettin sum berries but ran to but slower so he didant drop the berries an make a mess.

                We got to the campsit an I saw…. PRIM WAS KILLIN ROO!!!31 “OMG!!”  Mee an Peeta Peeta Sandwich Eata both said at loud but it made berries got everwhere from Peeta Peeta Sandwich Eatas mouth. “Prim wat are yuo doin shes on are teem now!” But Pimp looked at me an I looked at her an Peeta Peeta Sandwich Eata looked at her with lovely an Roo looked at me with sad an Prim said “She is a trator for the tributts an was tryin to posion u with nitelock berries.” I didant want to beleeve Roo was a trator but I rembered somthin Prim told me when we were tranenin.


                On the train I was watchin Dog Whiperser an thot bout maybe gettin a dog for Chell Junor wen I came back from the Games but Wheatly mite be allergy to it so I was undesided when Prim walked up. “Hey Marrissa I jest wanted to tell you sumthin quick an fast.” She said bein super cute.

                “Sure thang Primp!” I happied she remined me so much of Chell Junor but oldered an less cute but still adorationable.

                “Marrissa yuve been such a good frend an way cooler then that sooper pooper Kantnizz I think yur more of a sister than her ever was!” My eyes made tears come an I hugged Prim an she said “Were soul sisters now!”


                I had to trust my Soul Sista an so I beloived gThen Pim looked at Peeta Peeta Sandiwch Eata a gain.

                “OMFG Peeta Peeta Sandwich Eata YUR EATIN NITELOCKS#@u()!” I thot fast an used a MEGA PUWNCH to his stomake to make Peeta Peeta Sandwich Eata vommit up all the berries but he also barfed up the hole stomach to but pulled it back in an wasy okay. The berries an asid from the barf landed on Roos face an made her face melted. “Tim to put yu out of yur misery b*****!” Prim said but I waved hand for ‘no’ and walked up to Roo. “Ill do it sins she betrand me the most.” An I stomped Roos head an it exploded.

                “Looks like we dogged a bullet there guys.” Peeta Peeta Sandwich Eata said an we all lolled. Ever thing was happy an it looked like we might be the only tributs left. “No yur not!” Sumone said readin my mind.

                It was Cato but he was all burnded an with claws “I am FREDDY COUGER (GEDDIT? LOL) NOW!!#” He swiped us an we were hitted so hard the 3 of us all flew way an landed on top the corniops. Cato flew out from the forst an landed at us. “Ger reddy to die MOEW!u!@#!” He catted an swiped a gan an we jumped back to the edje of the cornocup but the monsters from Amneesha: The Pig Mashine (Or what ever its call) were gardin it so we cudant jump down. But the fire had bruned of Catos cloths so I saw his huge man balls an thot a plan. “Time to nooter this bad cat!” I said loud to Prim an Peeta Peeta Sandwich Eata.

                Prim ran in fron of Cato an distracted him with her cups an curves wile I sneaked behined an grabed his teticals an pulled an pulle an ripped them of. “OMFG U G****** F***** C*&***** B**** Q********!!##” Then he died. The burns an nooter was too mutch I guess.

                Cato mite be defeet but we still had all those monsters tryin to kill us. “Marrissa what we do now?” Peeta Peeta Sandwich Eata sexy voiced becos he was still lookin at Prims distract an needed new pants if yuo no what a I meen. The monsters stared to clime up the corncopua an coronered us getting closer an closer for a kill. “Ill use my powers to kill them.” I braved an powered up to glow lick the time I killed GLaDOS but a portal opaned in fronts of me. A black guy wit pilot cloths an gun came out.

                “Come with me if you want to life!!##” Swarzneckered him an I shot at sum monsters an grabed me an pulled me into the portal!



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